The Squad Mentality

Stack Of Books

When I see someone, I see a book full of stories, I see broken pasts and mind full of memories. like any book there is a cover that hides and protects the pages. This cover doesn’t share it all but rather shows you at face value of what to expect. Sometimes the face value is exactly what the rest of the book is about. Yet, often times the cover is not always true. The person like many books is full of many twists, turns and surprises. This is exactly why I love meeting new people and squads. Each person in every squad Is full of many different backgrounds, experiences and stories.

Reality is, besides my 5 childhood friends, I hate the idea of sticking to one group of people for more than three to six months. I rather meet a squad and hand pick max 2 or 3 people and move along with my life. The way I see it, over time misunderstandings and issues arise which leave a sour taste in your mouth. So why stay around for amazing friendships to crumble to the ground? Why be a part of fake friendships that are in tact for Instagram posts and for a few good times? What need to understand is that the number of friends you have, does not mean anything. The number of crazy fun nights you have together with these friends, does not mean much either. The idea of a friendship has nothing to with good times. Rather it means being there for each other during a rough patch.

I’ve been a part of 6-7 squads within these last two years and each time, I witnessed good friendships fall to extreme lows. I watched misunderstandings become walls between people who shared so many good times. I watched people leave groups forever finding out the hard way that a so called squad is not your family.  I watched people become stagnant and okay with where they are in life. We as humans are meant to grow and keep learning something new. Either we can be okay with the same story everyday or we can go out and find new stories. Until I find another book whose story that really touches me, I will keep my book closed and show whats at face value, my book cover.  

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