Modern Dating.

The Fall 2015 semester came to an end and I was sitting with a few of my friends. All of us have different personalities, interests but somehow the friendship has only gotten stronger even though we don’t see each other much. The night usually starts off with making fun of someone until they get pissed off. We all grew up together so we know exactly what to say to annoy each other. My friend Sanjay is a hopeless romantic he falls in love with anything that breathes. As usual he was talking about his “Love at first sight” and I remember laughing because it usually ends with the girl already being married or him getting rejected. I remember telling him the dating scene nowadays is crap. Most of the guys agreed to that thought but for many different reasons.

Dating scene has become this weird chase to prove to the world how happy we are? This craziness to show our instagram followers how good our relationship is. When In reality instagram is just a moment or a mere highlight but regardless we may say things such as “They are perfect” or “Look how happy they are”. Yes they look happy but so much happens behind the scenes after that instagram picture is up. Arguments, not being on the same page or simply taking the individual for granted, all of these things are normal and they happen but pictures do not show that.

My friend Sunny loves to joke around a lot so he looks at me and starts talking about his attempts to get a date while not having to spend a lot of money. From walking up to a girl and complimenting her and getting the “Screw off” look to trying to get a dinner date while being on a budget. It always ends with him being in some complicated situations.

What he meant by this was how back in the day in the time of our parents. They did not have texting or cell phones. If they liked someone it was a lot of work and required effort on both sides. Nowadays a simple “Hey its me” text is the generic way of starting a conversation. That’s zero effort, I still believe if you want a date call the person, have a conversation and ask them to a date. He told me a situation, which made me confused and a little annoyed. Sunny was at a birthday party and approached a girl and got her number. The next day he texted her with the generic “Hey its me” text. She replied back the next morning “Hey I’m so glad you texted me” and he texted her to grab coffee. She said sure and then cancelled 20 minutes before because she wasn’t “feeling well” but the young lady forgot a small detail, Sunny was on her snapchat. Sunny saw her snap story, turns out she was so sick that she went to dinner with her friends. The next day she texted to apologize and asked him to coffee but then he cancelled on her even though he was not doing anything.

This small event shows how our own pride and “better plans” can make things annoying. If she had just been honest from the very beginning it would have made it easier and if Sunny would have given her a second chance they could have worked. In the day and age of being constantly connected to friends we always have the opportunity to make better plans but that doesn’t make it right to cancel last minute.

According to the encyclopedia of Psychology about 40-50% of American families go through divorce because of financial issues, cheating, and unrealistic expectations. So when you date or get to know someone understand the person may not have a lot of money to spend. Understand that if they cheat it will eat them from within. Dating is supposed to be fun and interesting because the thrill of getting to know someone is exciting. I was always told one thing “Beauty will fade over time but the individuals personality is forever’’. Everyone wants a successful person or has some requirements in order to date someone. Everyone wants the finished product but strong people help build each other.

Just like that 3 hours had passed and we had to get home so we could get enough rest before work. Who knows how many “love at first sights” I will hear about or how many cancelled plans Sunny will deal with. One thing I do know is we will always have fun laughing at each others luck with dating.