I am back!

Damn! It feels good to be back on this blogging flow and doing what I love most. I had a blog called kirfan93.com but I am slowly switching over to this blog. These last 4 months have been amazing between recovering from my Achilles and knee injury, joining a competition level dance team and lastly my sisters wedding. I have been so busy and I simply cannot wait to get this blog running. I took a lot of time to myself to figure out what I want out of life and where I want to go. I made some new friends and dropped a few, but what I will say is life is way to short to worry about small petty things and way to beautiful to not be pleased. Once a week I will be launching a small segment of a story and as each week progresses I will add on to the story. The catch is that I need all of you to tell me how you like the story and where you want the story to go. It’s more interactive and fun. Go ahead and click follow and be a part of this new blog. www.kirfanlive.com , I will be launching my first short story next week. See you guys then.

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